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Brent is a suburban neighborhood located in Pensacola. The median home price of $142,340 makes the area less expensive than 81.2% of Florida neighborhoods and 74.9% of all U.S neighborhoods according to NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis on July 11th 2017 which means it might be worth investing there as property values are rising fast across America right now! Brent has one rental listing at $1,316 per month available immediately for those looking towards long term rentals currently lower than 73 percent (73%)of other places listed here so renters may want to check this place out or you can buy your own house if that’s more up your alley with the current homeownership rate standing just over 45%.

Brent is a great place to look for rental housing. Over 70% of the homes are renter-occupied, meaning there’s plenty available on the market! Most buildings were built between 1970 and 1999 which means they’ve been well cared for but aren’t considered old.

Home and apartment vacancy rates are 7.2% in Brent. NeighborhoodScout analysis shows that this rate is lower than 59.2% of the neighborhoods in the nation, approximately near the middle range for vacancies.

In the Brent neighborhood in Pensacola, FL residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German (15.5%). A number of people also have Irish roots (8.9%), and some are English descendants (8.7%) with a small percentage reporting Asian descent too(7%). In addition to these ethnicities there is Mexican heritage present among 3.8% of all citizens living here .

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