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Myrtle Grove is a suburban neighborhood in Pensacola, Florida. It has low property prices with the median home price being $149,219. This area of town is cheaper than most neighborhoods in both Florida and across America! Living here can be great for families who are looking to save money while still living somewhere nice because there’s also plenty of rentals available at only about 1k per month on average which isn’t too bad when compared to other places around this size.

The residential real estate in Myrtle Grove is mostly composed of medium to small sized single family homes and mobile homes. Most of the housing units are occupied by a mixture between owners and renters. The buildings were constructed from 1970-1999, giving them all relatively new construction dates compared with other areas surrounding it that have been around for much longer periods of time.

The Myrtle Grove neighborhood in Pensacola, FL is home to many diverse cultures. According to the most recent census data, residents identify their ethnicity or ancestry as English (15%) and Mexican (8.6%). Others include Irish (7.8%), German (6.8%), Swedish 4%, among others like American Indian/Alaskan Native 2%.

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