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North Central Pensacola is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in this city. Homes here are available for $180,000, but if you can’t afford that price range then expand your search to include other popular neighborhoods around North Central Pensacola like Eastwood Park or Pine Forest Estates

North central Pensacola is a neighborhood within our county with homes ranging from 180k-300k where students go to school and families grow up together!

North Central Pensacola has everything you could possibly need including groceries, cafes and restaurants. There are dozens of grocery stores as well as hundreds of cafes and restaurants in North Central Pensacola where there is no such thing as a food shortage! Between parks, gyms and green space for outdoor activities we can say that this neighborhood really does have it all.

The most expensive city in North Central Pensacola is Elberta with a median listing price of $447K. The least affordable, or cheapest, area to buy property are the West Pensacola where listings have an average asking price of only 126.9K.

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