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If you’re looking for a place to live that’s still close enough to downtown Pensacola, the Old East Hill District is perfect. The district can be reached from downtown in just five minutes and it takes no more than 10 with traffic. It borders Oak Point neighborhood on one side of I-110 which separates it from downtown Pensacola about 1 mile away.

East Hill is a neighborhood in a fantastic location and is very close to many other fun neighborhoods and cities. Not to mention, it’s so close to the country’s most beautiful beaches.

The East Hill District is a historic preservation district, which means it has dozens of old Victorian homes. Many have been completely renovated so they are structurally sound and safe to live in now. Some houses even have three stories tall such as the Marzoni House that was recently added to the National Park Service’s national register of Historic Places!

East Hill is home to many large Victorian homes which were once owned by wealthy business owners in the late 1800s. Each house has unique features, and none are what you would call “cookie-cutter.” They truly make for a beautiful sight!


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