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Pensacola is a large, beachside city in Florida with 52,975 people. Despite its size and location on the coast of Florida’s panhandle region, Pensacola offers plenty to see and do for vacationers looking for relaxation or history buffs wanting to explore war sites.

Pensacola is located along the Gulf Coast near Alabama (in reference), which means it attracts many visitors seeking sun-soaked beaches with gentle waves perfect for boating (i). The climate here averages around 54 degrees Fahrenheit year-round; even during summertime weather can be comfortable due to cool sea breezes off the ocean(ii).

Pensacola is a city with mixed-collar jobs, where white- and blue-collars coexist. White collar workers make up the majority of employees in this area; however, it’s not entirely composed of them either. An array of professionals, salespeople, service providers all contribute to Pensacola’s labor market – making it diverse yet interesting!

Pensacola is a city in Florida that has many jobs for people who work with their hands and like to be on the move. Of all of Pensacola’s workers, 11% work in office and administrative support; 10% are sales employees; 9.84% serve food which means there might not always be enough time to sit down at lunch or dinner breaks during your shift! The average family income varies between $30-70k annually depending on where you live (in comparison with state/national averages).

The people of Pensacola describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number report that they are White, followed by Black or African-American. Important ancestries include German, Irish, English, European, and French .

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