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The Pensacola Historic District is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Florida, located on a peninsula adjoining downtown. The neighborhood has become well known for its historic architecture and scenic views along Bayou Texar.

Historic Pensacola is located in downtown Pensacola, which features 29 historical buildings and museums. Historic Pensacola has many attractions like the UWF Historic Trust Museum (located within Seville Square) that displays items from former President John Quincy Adams’ term as U.S Secretary of State; Dominica’s Trailside Cafe & Emporium where visitors can enjoy lunch or dinner after touring all these historic sites; The Grand Hotel, a restored Victorian-style hotel built in 1891 with modern amenities including an elevator to make it accessible for travelers who cannot take stairs easily etc.

In the early 1960s, a group of local preservationists led by Pensacolian Mary Turner Rule (née Reed) formed the Pensacola Heritage Foundation to create awareness about historic landmarks in their city. They surveyed Seville Square Historic District and neighboring areas around it adjacent to Pensacola Bay.

Historical preservation in Pensacola began when the Heritage Foundation, led by Eunice Rule, purchased and restored one of the city’s most important historical buildings – The Dorr House. They did this with their own labor to start the movement which was very successful in saving many historic places throughout Pensacola.

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