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The Whispers at Cordova community sits on the northern tip of Cordova Park, and like its much larger sister represents some of the most beautiful homes in Florida. The Texar Bayou has now trickled into a channel, and Whispers is located on the western side instead of Cordova’s eastern border.

The homes in this community are a step up from Cordova Park. They’re newer and even have new construction, but they still emphasize scenic views with pools that can be used for entertaining guests or just relaxing by yourself. These houses were designed by famous architects who will take your breath away, resulting in an extravagant living experience where you’ll feel like royalty!

You will find every luxury is accounted for, from chef’s kitchens to lavish marble baths. Prices range from $400,000 to near a million, depending on size and location.


The Whispers offers a street of three-bedroom patio homes. These are the least expensive in The Whispers, with smaller lots – but the luxury features make them feel just as high end. Most other houses cost around $300,000 and these can be too so it’s worth taking a look at all options!

No matter the size, almost every home in the Whispers is brick or stucco, and nearly impervious to storms or wind.

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